Wednesday, May 23, 2007

GM Vauxhall Begins B30 Commercial Van Customer Trials in UK

GM’s Vauxhall has introduced B30-compatible models of its Vivaro and Movano panel vans, and will begin trials with two key fleet customers.

The biodiesel B30-compatible models use the existing 2.0 CDTI Vivaro and 2.5 CDTI 98 hp and 118 hp Movano engines, and offer up to 20% less CO2 emissions on a ‘source to wheels’ basis compared to the standard Euro 4-compliant diesel units.

As part of a controlled fleet trial, a number of vans will run on biodiesel B30 across the country as GM and Vauxhall investigate the long-term potential for the fuel in the UK, and look towards a more widespread distribution network for it.

Vauxhall is also calling on the UK government to look at establishing a quality specification for the fuel.

In August 2006, Citroën announced it was running its UK Head Office-based diesel cars and vans, including all those used by the media, on a 30% biodiesel blend. The B30 blend can be used in all current Citroën diesel vehicles without any modifications.


At 5:39 AM, Anonymous James said...

Its about time these vans came out their cars have been out for a while. My old van is a bit old now and I wanted one of these to replace it and as they are pretty similar to the other versions the van parts shouldnt be too hard to find.

At 5:43 AM, Blogger sri said...

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